Monday, July 25, 2011


I choose to come to this show rather than to other show ( on the same day ) who claim tobe a rock festival but many pop bands playing in that show ( fuckin' sell out  ), but hey this is MARKY RAMONES I'm talking about and that is the only reason I came to the show. Finally I went to the rock show with my girl friend, tobe honest I never took her to this kinda show, I  dont know why but never had a chance to take her to the rock show. Anyway it was a good show Marky and the band really show that they're still a legend ( at least for me ), they play maybe 35 song  it was rain a bit but it doesnt stop us to sing along with them. I didnt have much picture about that show....dude!! I was too busy to take picture I was at the wildest pit infront of the stage singing along with the legend :). WELCOME TO INDONESIA Marky Ramones hope to see u soon at the wildest pit.
meet an old friend after a while i haven't see him

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vertigo backdrop design

A backdrop design and a phone booth for Vertigo rides at Trans Studio theme park Bandung, the backdrop size is 24.68 m x 16.20 m.
Vertigo backdrop design

Pulau Liliput concept design

Pulau Liliput is a playground for kids from 1 - 12 years old with flying fox, ballpool, slides and also the play area for toddler. This design is created for Trans Studio theme park Bandung, Indonesia.
Designed with all giant props, area width is 286 m2.
Flying fox
Ball pool
Toddler play area

Transcar Racing concept design

A real circuit environment ride design build for Trans Studio theme park Bandung,Indonesia.
Capacity : 18 cars
Circuit length : 700 m
Speed : 40 km/hr
    Facade and lobby area

Sunday, February 20, 2011

After IRON MAIDEN show

Rides after the show!!
Well where do i start to tell the story of that show? uuumm we ride on our vintage motorbike ( Honda CB 100 year 1973, 1976 and Yamaha but i forget the year that bike was made haha :), it takes an hour to get to the show venue with the bad traffic of Jakarta. When we arrive to the venue it was really really a lots of metal head came to that show...maybe 20.000 metal head was there, i dont know exactly how many people came to that show but it was full of people wearing black T's.

There's a funny story on that show ( at least i think it was funny ), we were buy a C class ticket but we made it into a A class and infront of the stage, well i was lucky because i met a friend who has a all access pass and we can use it to get in the A class, and that was sooooo cool watching IRON MAIDEN right infront of the stage and sing along with them.

So the show was soooo fuckin' awesome!!!and can't wait to see them again

Our ride

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The making of SKIDS

It took a whole month to build this autobot for Bermuda project and Chevrolet for the 18th Indonesia International Motor show July 23rd 2010

for more info please contact

3D concept

after a week...

setting up at 18th Indonesia International Motor show exhibition

Monday, February 14, 2011

doing nothing at working hour

this is what i've done :)
just me and my ubi......